When expanding your business to China, it is critical to the success of your business to place the right professionals in key roles. The dedicated team at Sky Executive can search for the world’s best talent, recruit team members and conduct an extensive headhunting and executive search so that you have access to the greatest pool of talent across the world.

With a partnership with Sky Executive, you will have direct access to a global pool of candidates.

Sky Executive’s Recruitment Process

At Sky Executive, we realize that every talent search is different. We work to identify your specific needs and tailor the process to achieve your objectives. Our talent search process may involve the following steps, depending on your needs:

Strategy Development

We discuss the roles you need based on your parameters, the needs of your business, the labor law that applies and other country specific
factors. We will discuss the range of salaries for the position you are seeking to fill, competitor’s salary and benefits packages and other important aspects of the process including the timeframe for recruitment. We will then use this information to create a customized job description and draft a search strategy.

Candidate Search

We will be as involved in the process you want or provide initial assistance and allow you to take the lead, depending on your desired approach. We can provide on-site support where we conduct the initial search and then allow you to select the best candidate. You can access our extensive network for a greater number of qualified candidates. We can then interview and assess potential candidates so that you have a selection of the best options.

Candidate Presentation

If you wish to delegate the search to Sky Executive, we can interview the top selections for you and then structure and negotiate the best offer with the best candidate. We can also provide advice on the decision process.

Onboarding Process

We can also assist with all aspects of the onboarding process so that your new employees can seamlessly transition into your employ.

Sky Executive’s recruitment team works with people in various agencies and can source qualified candidates from entry level positions to mid-management to executive levels. Our experts have an extensive understanding of job functions across various roles and industries.

Payroll Management and Human Ressource Services

Sky Executive handles the onboarding and legal administration process. We develop effective labor contracts that comply with all local and national requirements. If you do not have an onsite legal team, rest assured that our contracts are all legally-compliant and have been approved by local governmental entities.

In addition to access to our extensive database of candidates, companies can benefit from our full range of HR services. Our placement services are just the beginning of our relationship with you. We provide comprehensive HR support and employer of record services so that your staff continues receiving the support it needs long after placement. We can assist you with benefits administration, HR functions, tax reporting, auditing and much more.

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