Hiring in China is one of the most nerve-wracking procedures that modern businesses have to face. According to Forbes Magazine, onboarding an employee can cost more than $200 000. Additionally, hiring the wrong person can cost your business millions of dollars which ends up draining your business revenue significantly.

Whether a business is small, medium, or large, no business can afford the high costs that come with poor hiring decisions. From the word go, it’s essential to make the right hiring choice.

But then, choosing the ideal person for a position can prove a real challenge for many businesses. Even more challenging, is searching and looking for the right candidate in a foreign market.

To avoid all the above-mentioned issues, it’s important for businesses not to hire a person just to fill a position. Businesses need to take some time over hiring procedures and decisions, and carefully consider the best candidate – someone who can be committed to their business objectives.

Here are the steps that you can follow and implement to ensure you find the right candidate for the position:

Develop a Dead-on Candidate Profile

Think about the way you cannot build without following a blueprint. Similarly, finding the right candidate starts with creating the right job profile that frames exactly what your business is looking for.

We cannot stress enough just how imperative it is to first of all fully understand the kind of person you need to fill a vacant role before moving on to the interview process. A well laid out candidate outline eliminates any probable risk that may come as a result of hiring the wrong person.  

Distribute Profile on the Right Chinese Job Advert Channels

Armed with a well-laid candidate profile, the next step is to embark on distributing it on the right channels so that qualified candidates can start applying.

Conduct a Systematic Interview Process

After prospective candidates have applied for the position, and depending on how fast you need the position filled, the next step is to jump into the interview process. Before the interview, however, ensure that you have thoroughly studied the candidate resume – which is integral for the process, allowing you to engage with the applicant in a personal way, conceivably even discussing their hobbies and interests for more insights on their position proficiency.  

Afterward, start the interview with less challenging queries and build up to the more difficult, which helps the applicant feel and be at ease. Additionally, such an approach helps you probe more questions later that will bear far more significant responses to help make the right decision.  

Make Sure You Cross Check the References

It’s true that instincts are influential, but then they can’t provide you with an employee’s complete previous job experiences. Make sure to check provided candidates’ references no matter how well you may think you know them by talking to his/her previous employers for more insight and clarification.

References can be very instrumental in helping you prevent costly hiring mistakes such as preventing you from paying to onboard a worker who may technically never show up for work.

Hire a Professional Recruitment Agency

For their hiring decisions, many successful companies often opt for a recruitment agency in China. A recruitment agency works by searching for the most suitable candidate to fill a vacant job position either with one or several companies. Based on a job profile description, they then search for highly skilled candidates through their networks, web interfaces, job fairs, and social media platforms.

Working with a recruitment agency can provide you with a myriad of benefits particularly if you are looking to fill a specific job role, as well as when you are looking to venture in a foreign market and need qualified workers. Recruitment agencies also have loads and loads experience and expertise on where and how to get you the kind of employee that you desire.  

Looking for Qualified Candidates in China

It’s easy to get the right candidate in your local job market but challenging when you are looking to hire foreign employees. Take the Chinese market for example, its positive economic growth rate is attracting investors from all over the world, and enabling businesses to expand their operations and reach a wider consumer market for improved business productivity and increased profits.

For starters, investors looking to expand operations in China may not be fully aware of the legal and administration business policies that are allowed for business operations.

Reliable and Professional Recruitment Agency in China

Sky Executive is a market-leading recruitment agency located in China. Our aim is to serve any business that is looking to hire highly qualified local employees in China and from around the world (as part of our PEO services). Working with us will see you reap the benefits of working with a professional recruitment agency.

We have a highly seasoned team that works hand in hand with your HR team to ensure you get what you are looking for in a candidate. Over the years, Sky Executive has managed to build a comprehensive candidate database for the Chinese market. This means that your business doesn’t have to spend time searching for qualified and talented candidates. We do the leg work and you reap the benefits.

For all our clients, we work to make an impression because we know that your job success is our success. We provide the best results and are determined to continue having a working relationship with each one of our clients. Working with Sky Executive helps you save plenty of time and hassles, so you can focus on your core business functions for increased growth and productivity.

As a leading recruitment agency in China, we have amassed unprecedented knowledge of the Chinese labor market. That is how we know the right industries and companies that can lead to some of the most talented and highly competent executive.  

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