As one of the Philippine’s leading recruitment agencies, Sky Executive provides access to a global network of qualified candidates to foreign businesses who are hoping to expand to this impressive market. With rapid economic development, the Philippines represents a promising opportunity for investors and Sky Executive allows you to take advantage of the global workforce. Successful recruitment is pivotal to the success of your expansion. Sky Executive is able to flexibly react to constantly changing market needs and our client-first approach gives us an advantage over competing recruitment agencies in the Philippines. 

At Sky Executive, our recruitment specialists provide executive search functions, permanent placement and contract staffing for foreign businesses. We help recruit top talent for your business so you can focus on its operations with your exceptional staff intact.

Our recruitment specialists come from a variety of industries and have unique backgrounds, so they are able to quickly ascertain which skills will be most beneficial to potential placement. At the same time, our intimate knowledge of the job market in the Philippines helps us understand the needs of businesses, so we can isolate the most qualified candidates who will be the best fit for your business. 

We find qualified candidates who meet the core requirements of your open positions. Our placement services range from mid-administration to executive positions. 

Sky Executive’s Effective Recruitment Methods

At Sky Executive, we constantly exceed our clients’ expectation. Our proven methods have helped secure qualified candidates across various industries. Our methodology includes:

  • Effective profiling – Some of the most talented professionals across the globe registered with our proprietary database of candidates. As a partner with Sky Executive, you can access this database and search for the perfect candidate. We can also isolate particular skills, experience or characteristics that are likely to lead to an ideal placement for you. We match these attributes with our existing candidates to give you a short list of qualified candidates.
  • Customized search strategy – Our recruitment specialists develop a customized strategy to help you identify the best candidates for your position. Our specialists work closely with you to accurately define the roles you need to fill. We also consider other factors that will affect your recruitment search, including dynamics in your industry, your timeframe, labor laws and methods used by your competitors. This process allows us to isolate the most qualified candidates, given these factors. 
  • Use of our backgrounds – Our recruitment specialists are experts in various fields and use this industry-specific knowledge to identify the core characteristics of qualified candidates. We work tirelessly to find the perfect fit for your business.  

Ongoing Support for Your Expansion to the Philippines

Sky Executive also provides a range of services to complement our recruitment services. We are a registered PEO in the Philippines, so we are able to contract with local employees and lease them back to you so that we take on all the employer liabilities while you control their daily activities. We also provide assistance with payroll, human resources, tax withholdings, compliance matters, and other administrative functions so that you can concentrate on your core business functions. 

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