Taiwan is one of the most promising markets to expand your business. However, many foreign businesses struggle with identifying the right candidates to make their Asian launch a success.

The recruitment experts at Sky Executive leverage years of experience to identify exceptional talent locally and globally. 

Retain Candidates with Knowledge and Skill While Mitigating the Risk

At Sky Executive, we provide a variety of employment solutions to help make our business clients’ expansion into the Asian market a success. Our recruitment specialists use best practices to identify candidates who will fit your workplace culture and will have the necessary knowledge and skill to make your expansion a success.

We are so confident in our ability to find the perfect candidate for your business that we offer a six-month guarantee on all placements. It is important to us that you are able to trust our process and we provide this guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Your Option of Recruitment Solutions

At Sky Executive, we realize that every business and business leader is unique. This is why we provide you with a variety of recruitment solutions from which you can select based on your needs. Your options include:

Executive Recruitment 

We can help you identify and recruit business leaders who have a record of successfully leading other companies. We know that your time is valuable and that finding the right executive is often a time-consuming and difficult task. At Sky Executive, we work closely with our clients to determine their underlying business goals. Our firm grasp on what you need from your new executive allows us to develop a customized strategy to find a business leader who will help you achieve growth and impact within your business. 

Our approach consists of the following proven methodology:

  • Definition of candidate search – At the first stage of the process, we define the needs of your business and establish a search team customized to the needs of your business.
  • Strategic planning – We learn more about your business culture and structure candidate profiles and highly-specific identification criteria so that we can identify the characteristics that will make the match a success.
  • Research – At this stage, our recruitment experts target prospects and effective methods to aid in our recruitment process. We look for business leaders with a unique insight into the Asian market.
  • Interviews – We meet with qualified candidates electronically, over the phone or in person and narrow down the search. Then, we discuss the outcomes with your executive team.
  • Due diligence – Our recruitment specialists thoroughly check references and background reports on your top candidates to complete due diligence on them.
  • Negotiation of offer – We use robust negotiations to secure an attractive employment package with the candidate whom you select. 
  • Ongoing support – Additionally, we offer ongoing support to ensure that you are satisfied with your selection.

This process ensures that we find the best fit for your business the first time around. 

Professional Search 

During a professional search, we leverage years of professional experience to identify exceptional talent who will ensure your business expansion to Asia is a success. We ensure that key members are placed in specific roles in your business. We combine our local knowledge and impressive networks to help you identify the right candidates for your business.

Our industry-leading search and assessment techniques are equipped to help you complete a single search for the perfect candidate to bring value to your business as well as larger searches to fill a number of key roles in your business. Our proven techniques have allowed us to retain a 97% retention rate for our placements across all roles.

Assessment & Succession

Most companies want to retain staff who will be with the company for years, especially when placing someone in a leadership role. At Sky Executive, we consider your long-term objectives to ensure that we find the right fit for your business. The candidates we present can be what you need for the immediate project. They also have the potential to develop into admirable leaders who inspire change and progress within your company. Our unique recruitment strategy allows you to make placements that will continue to benefit your business long after the position is filled. 

By identifying key candidates and uncovering their internal motivations and inspirations, we are able to tap into the candidate’s potential in a unique way that other recruitment agencies are often unable to replicate. Our industry-leading methods have been recognized throughout Asia as effective tools, as well as recognized on the international level. Some effective techniques that are part of our methodology include:

  • Multi-source assessments – Phone interviews, video meetings and in-person interviews with your candidates and their colleagues and superiors allow us to gather a variety of information about candidates. We use the results of these interviews to make informed recommendations to our clients.
  • Behavioral interviews – Our recruitment specialists ask targeted questions and assess the behaviors of top candidates to determine if they will be good business leaders who can contribute to your growth and meet your rigorous demands.
  • Psychometric testing – Psychometric testing allows us to uncover important information about your candidates, including their motivations, belief systems and other metrics. We then analyze this information to make an assessment regarding the viability of the candidate as a long-term contributor to your business. 
  • Comprehensive simulations – Our creative business simulations test the knowledge and instincts of your candidate. 

For help with your recruitment needs, contact the experts at Sky Executive. Your success is our priority. 

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