When you have a limited amount of time to find the perfect fit for your business, you need a strong recruitment specialist on your team. Sky Executive is your partner to filling your key roles with the right people.

We can search the world for top talent, conduct an extensive headhunting process, and recruit top executives so that you have a wide pool of qualified candidates to fill your vacancy. With a partnership with Sky Executive, you have direct access to a qualified, global pool of candidates. 

Sky Executive’s Recruitment Process

The recruitment specialists at Sky Executive realize every talent search is different. We meet with you to discuss your specific needs and then tailor our recruitment strategy to them. Our recruitment process involves these steps:

  • Strategy development – Our local recruitment experts discuss the skills and characteristics that you are looking for to fill a key vacancy within your business, your business needs and labor laws that apply in your particular area of business. We also discuss the position you have open and the possible salary range to fill the position. We devise a competitive package, benefits and salary to attract the best qualified candidates. This information is used to create a customized job description and search strategy.
  • Candidate search – You will have access to our global database of qualified candidates. We will also search for qualified candidates based on your parameters and assist with the interview process. You then select the best candidates. 
  • Candidate presentation – You can trust our experts to find the right fit for your company. With this option, we provide full-service assistance. We interview the top selections and negotiate the offer with the chosen candidate. We can make the hiring decision on your behalf or leave this crucial step to you, based on your preference.
  • Onboarding process – Sky Executive can also assist with providing a sound employment contract and handling all aspects of the onboarding process to provide a seamless transition to your new employee. 

Our recruitment specialists have diverse backgrounds in various industries. We know the characteristics to look for and can fill roles from entry level to mid-management to the executive level.

Ongoing Post-Placement Services

Sky Executive seeks to be your long-term partner in your expansion to Vietnam. This is why we provide ongoing services after helping you place employees in key roles. Our experts develop labor contracts that comply with local and national regulations that have been approved by local governmental entities. 

Additionally, we provide extensive HR services, handle payroll and provide complete employer of record services. Our EOR service allows you to delegate administrative tasks to us while you retain control of the day-to-day actions of your staff. At the same time, you insulate yourself from many of the liabilities that employers face by having us take on the role as employer of record. These services complement our recruitment services so that your employers continue to have support long after placement.

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