The job market today is a tough one. It can be difficult for both potential candidates and employers to find the right fit. While the internet allows businesses to connect with potential candidates throughout the world, it can also make it more difficult to narrow down on what your business really needs.

Sky Executive’s recruitment services let you fill more positions, get better quality applicants, and reduce your time to hire so that you can expand your business and offerings when the opportunity is hot. Here are some of the latest innovations in recruitment services that you can use this year and beyond.

1# Customize Your Job Post

One of the most effective ways to recruit key talent is to create a job post that both accurately reflects your open position and sets you apart from the competition. Your job ad is the first thing that potential candidates will see in relation to your company. As such, it provides a great opportunity to present:

  • Your company’s core values
  • Your business culture
  • What sets your company apart
  • The key skills you are looking for in a hire
  • How a new candidate can benefit your team

Sky Executive can help you tailor your ad and showcase the strengths of your business to attract the best talent to the position.

2# Use a Highly Vetted Database of Candidates

When you work with a global recruiter like Sky Executive, you can gain access to a highly vetted pool of candidates through our proprietary database. This option lets you be in the driver’s seat for finding the right candidate.

By being proactive, you do not have to simply wait for the right applicant to waltz through your life. Instead, you can actively search for candidates who fit your core requirements and bring a wealth of experience to the position.  Our candidates are impact-driven and have unique insight into the Asian market, which can bring tremendous value to your team.

Our team works closely with each client to understand the objectives of their business and talent search. This allows us to make targeted recommendations of candidates who can help take your business to the next level.

3# Embrace Innovation with Your Recruiting Process

The recruiting process you choose can have a significant impact on the response you get from candidates. Companies that embrace technology and new methods of finding candidates often receive many more responses than companies that use outdated resume searching as their primary way to recruit.

Technology and global adjustments have made it easier than ever to identify, locate, and interview candidates. Some options may include:

  • Having applicants complete online tests instead of submitting resumes
  • Having a simple application process that can be completed in a few minutes online
  • Hosting an online meetup or workshop
  • Posting open positions on social media

4# Use Niche Sites to Advertise Your Position

While you may be used to using certain websites to post your open job positions, there is an advantage to using niche sites and job boards to post your jobs. The people who use industry specific job sites are more likely to be qualified for your position and interested in the industry. Having 1,000 applications can be a good thing, but it is much better to have 10 solid applications from qualified candidates with the robust knowledge and experience you are looking for in our field.

Sky Executive can help you identify the best job boards to use for job openings for computer developers, researchers, business managers, energy specialists, accountants, and other professionals. In addition to having qualified candidates, this process can also help you save valuable time by not having to sift through so many application from people who are simply not the right fit.

5 # Improve Your Interview Process

Once you have developed a strong recruitment plan and identified the candidates with the right background for your open position, you will then be able to take the next steps to hiring the right applicant. However, to get the most out of this experience, you may need to improve your interview process. The last thing that you want to happen after reshaping your recruitment strategy and investing in the recruitment process is to lose the right candidate because you have failed to accurately describe the role or the benefits of your business.

Sky Executive can assist you with improving your interview process. We work closely with our clients to develop a candidate pipeline matrix, identifying the key qualifications and hard and soft skills they are looking for. This informs our process as we search for the right candidates. We can also participate in the interview process and ask targeted questions that are aligned with your business objectives and industry to determine if candidates would be a good fit.

We also conduct thorough background checks about your selected candidates so you will have peace of mind knowing that you are hiring dependable staff. We can make recommendations on the hiring decisions as well as help you prepare an offer to the best candidate. We are so sure that you will be satisfied with your candidate selection that we offer a six-month guarantee. We also provide ongoing support, team development, and performance enhancement to help you make the most of your investment in human capital.

6# Make Changes Based on Real Time Data

By working with a professional recruiter, you can obtain important data about the recruitment process – as data accumulates. This allows you to isolate specific metrics about the recruitment strategy, including:

  • The number of applications submitted to your company
  • The application competition rate for candidates you directly contacted
  • The number of qualified candidates that applied for the job
  • The cost of hire
  • The time to hire
  • Candidate response rate’
  • Interview to offer ratio
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Quality of hire
  • Hiring manager satisfaction
  • Employee retention rate

The more data you have, the better informed you will be about what is – and is not – working. We can work closely with you to implement needed changes.

Get Help from a Recruiting Expert

These are just some of the newest innovations in recruitment. However, there are many other recruitment strategies that our expert recruiters can use to identify top candidates for your business. We constantly implement new innovations that are customized to help our clients find the best candidates for their open positions. Contact our elite team for help with your next recruitment project.