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The Challenge of Recruiting in China

In the past few years, the Chinese market has undergone remarkable transformations. Once known for little more than expansive manufacturing and e-commerce, China nowadays is increasingly known for its booming energy, finance, insurance, water, agriculture, and luxury goods industries, among other high growth areas. Accordingly, the demand for high performing executives and managers has mounted.

Despite the demand, recruiting top talent in China is not as easy as it might seem. The candidates are certainly out there, but locating and assessing them when there is so much competition among businesses is a real challenge. Companies are fighting to come up with new and exciting ways not only to attract talent in the first place, but to keep it for years to come.

It is not all bad news, though. The Chinese educational sector has improved immensely in recent decades, meaning that Chinese candidates today are among some of the most qualified in the world. Degree and training programs in China rival elite schools in the US, Canada, Australia, and western Europe. Indeed, in addition to producing native talent, China is also experiencing a diversification of it. The number of Chinese students going abroad as part of their education has doubled since 2010, which means that it is now possible to find highly educated Chinese candidates that have international connections and exposure to global business.

These factors alone make China a hotbed of executive and management talent with incredible potential. At Sky Executive, we can help businesses both within and outside of China access this remarkable pool of candidates.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Experience

The multicultural team at Sky Executive has accumulated over 80 years of experience in hiring top executive and management talent in China. Our network of local and international recruitment experts means we can access the right talent for your business, no matter where you come from and no matter what your ultimate business goals. What is more, we have experience in a number of traditional and new industries, including: energy, agriculture, computing, automobiles, supply chain, manufacturing, software (AI), biotech, medicine, and food and beverage.

Six Month Placement Guarantee

Not all recruitment agencies are created equally, and one of the main reasons that we continue to attract major mid-sized and Fortune 500 clients is because we offer a six month guarantee on our placements. Six months far exceeds the industry standard guarantee, and it enables our clients to feel confident in their new hires.

Exclusive Recruitment and Employer of Record Package

Finding the right person for a role is never the last step in the recruitment process. New hires need to have their responsibilities, salary, benefits, and working arrangements negotiated as well as their career progression planned carefully to ensure that the investment you make in each individual is one that lasts for years. We have an exclusive recruitment package that we can combine with our role as a professional employer organization (PEO), meaning that if you want to hire in China but do not want the burden of setting up a new entity, the traditional costs of employment, or the complications of employing within your existing foreign business, we can help.

Extensive HR Experience

Our team are experts in assisting with all aspects of employment, so whenever we find you the right candidate we can immediately help with getting them established in their new role. We can produce offer letters, negotiate packages, draft contracts, onboard, and work with your executive team in the long run to assess and develop talent as the new hire settles into life at your company. We are also able to assist with contract renewal or termination, and can efficiently replace any talent if necessary.

Based In China

o recruit effectively in China requires a local presence, and we are mere minutes away from Shanghai’s main business and financial districts. We are well-established in Shanghai and are widely-renowned for our excellent in recruitment and HR. When we earn trust with our clients, we keep it.

Clear And Efficient Recruitment Methodology

We share our innovative recruitment methodology with our clients from Day One, which means that you are kept in the loop as we take on the important responsibility of hiring new staff for your business. We understand that we hold your brand and reputation in our hands, and we make sure that we take excellent care of it.

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