Who We Are

Sky Executive has the insight, the capacity, and the expertise you need to support you in your journey to identify a talented workforce in Asia.

The Company

For long term financial and strategic outcomes, it’s crucial for contemporary increasingly digital organizations to understand what it takes to do business in and with Asia. Nevertheless, many foreign companies still have a challenge of lack of expertise in finding the right talent to help them tackle expansion business projects. As such, we specialize in searching for and hiring both foreign and local talent in Asia.

Mission & Values

We believe that our client’s success is our success too

We are committed to listening to our clients, understanding their needs and challenges and aligning our professional search to build upon their business mission and vision. Our experience, recruiting relationships, and results have been excellent as we have managed to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by enrolling talented executive and management personnel otherwise perceived unattainable.

If you are looking to enhance your business executive and management team, or are interested in learning more about exciting opportunities in Asia for your industry, you are in the right place. Sky Executive has the insight, the capacity, and the expertise you need to support you in your journey to identify a talented workforce in Asia.

Our Services

Business success and productivity hinges on having the right people and talent

Without the right talent, there’s no right strategic plan, marketing plan, technological infrastructure, or financial policy. The result – your sale and revenue targets are affected and, ultimately, nose dive.

At Sky Executive, we deliver market-leading expertise in building the right talent capabilities for a variety of organizations. We also offer our services as a professional employer organization (PEO). We are committed to helping organizations to identify and recruit outstanding executive and managerial talent. We work with companies that are headquartered elsewhere but desire to enter the Asian market, as well as those who wish to extend their existing operations in Asia. Furthermore, our team of local market experts assists in company incorporation business processes to support an independent subsidiary, and takes care of all administrative tasks on behalf of the company.

Unlike most other recruitment firms, our commitment to you does not stop when we find the right person for the job. In fact, for many of our clients, filling the position is only the beginning. At Sky Executive, our team is able to work on all administrative aspects involved in hiring someone, from onboarding and setting up payroll and taxes to employee assessment, succession, or – where appropriate – termination. We are a full recruitment and HR services firm with an expert staff of highly-experienced individuals ready to handle all aspects of your workforce in Asia.

Our Clients

Access Top Talents in Asia with Sky Executive

If your business is ready to establish or enhance its presence in Asia, we have the team that can build you a dedicated, competent, and efficient workforce.

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