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If you are looking for strategic recruitment that takes the long-term into account as well as the short-term, Sky Executive is the partner for you.

Build a company of innovative and successful leaders, not followers

New markets – especially in Asia – are a challenge for many reasons, but recruitment need not be one of them. At Sky Executive, we leverage our years of experience to help you find exceptional talent with the knowledge and skills that will ensure your business thrives in Asia.

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Recruiting excellent staff involves not only finding the right person for the job at the time, but also finding people who can develop into impressive leaders with the potential to take your business to new and exciting levels.

Sky Executive works closely with clients to develop tailored assessment and succession solutions that mean that your investments in recruitment continue to bear fruit long after the position has been filled.

We identify and interrogate individuals to find out what truly motivates and inspires them, and in doing so we draw out their potential in ways that few other recruitment companies can. If you are looking for strategic recruitment that takes the long-term into account as well as the short-term, Sky Executive is the partner for you.

How We Do It

Discover how we assess leaders

Our extensive assessment process focuses on three core aspects of competency and fit: culture, skills, and motivation.

If you have ever been involved in recruitment, you know that choosing the appropriate assessment and benchmarking tools is vital to locating talent that truly aligns with the company’s goals, objectives, culture, and existing team. At Sky Executive, we utilize the latest industry-leading methods – recognized internationally as well as in Asia – to assess candidates whether they are C-suite executives or first-level leaders. Some of our techniques include:

  • Multi-source Assessments: Through telephone, video, and in-person interviews with the potential hire as well as their superiors, colleagues, and associates, we dig deep to discover leadership qualities and potential. We gather extensive feedback and study closely the candidate in their current role.
  • Behavioural Interviews: We meet with candidates over video conferencing or in-person to make a detailed assessment of their exhibited behavioural leadership qualities against those required for the role. This is critical to finding a leader who will contribute to the company’s ongoing growth as their role develops.
  • Psychometric Testing: Using the latest available psychometric testing and diagnostics, we learn about the candidate’s motivations, belief systems, biases, and other key factors that will determine their potential as a long-serving leader in your company.
  • Comprehensive Simulations: Using specialist business simulations, we place the candidate in situations that put their knowledge and skills to the test, which enables us to determine whether what we see on paper meets your expectations in practice.

Understand how we manage succession and unlock potential

Working with Sky Executive is one way to minimize the inherent risk in a change of leadership. We understand that your investors and shareholders are your priority, and that means we make them our priority too.

Over the years, we have developed a well-rounded and experience-driven process for managing succession and uncovering the very best that your new hire has to offer.

  • Our entire process starts with you and your company. We want to understand your strategies, goals, and big picture planning so that our search focuses on the best potential candidates for your continued success.
  • We work with you to identify your existing strengths. Based on that collaboration, we develop insightful plans that will allow new talent to build upon those strengths and ensure sustainable business growth.
  • We develop targeted success profiles. These profiles focus on the attitude, traits, skills, knowledge bases, and other key standards that are required to guarantee that the candidates we find are the ones most closely suited to the role being advertised.
  • Inside or out, we find the best talent for the job. Whether the person you are looking for is inside or outside of your company, we will find, assess, develop, and match them to the roles that you are trying to fill. We leave no stone unturned in our search.
  • When the talent exists in your company already, we help you nurture it. We know that it is not always easy to improve upon the talents that you already have. That is why we have developed sophisticated plans and methods that help you to get more from your investment in each individual you bring on board.
  • We work with every leader, not just the most senior. Talent grows at all levels of your company, and we have the skills and expertise to ensure that we unlock that talent by working with leaders at all levels of the company, from the C-suite to ground-level managers.
  • Finally, we invest in your long-term success. Our input into your succession management does not stop when our contract ends. We put into place knowledge systems that are transferable between teams, meaning that your company continues to grow even when the individuals leading it change.

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