Recruitment Methodology

Sky Executive works closely with clients to ensure that their needs are at the forefront of the recruitment and search.

A specialist approach that achieves long-lasting success

The team at Sky Executive has a combined experience of 80 years hiring in the Asian markets. We have seen the market change and we understand the pressures that new and existing businesses face when they are looking to start or continue building their teams in Asia.

Each member of our consulting team brings a unique skill set that has informed and improved our recruiting process. We do not base our searches and assessments on generic templates or procedures. Instead, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are at the forefront of what we do.


Sky Executive understands that executive and management recruitment is a crucial part of the process when trying to build a team that will – reliably – achieve business growth and productivity.

At the abstract level, the task of finding and selecting key team players from a pool of qualified candidates may seem relatively straightforward. But at Sky Executive, our experience tells us otherwise.

Recruitment in Asia can be a difficult and expensive task – especially at the senior level – and the complexities of managing multiple highly-qualified candidates and appropriately assessing them can be overwhelming even for the most experienced of business owners.

The good news is that Sky Executive exists to manage these complexities. Our goal as a recruitment agency and Employer of Record (EOR) (also known as a professional employer organization (PEO)) is to serve as expert advisers for the business search process across Asia.

Our Approach

Understand Client Needs and Requirements

We first develop an in-depth client understanding by outlining and analysing your overall business goals, desired business outcomes, search requirements, team objectives, organizational strategy, timelines, and corporate culture. We are also happy to consult with key investors and advisors to gain more business insights. We believe that deep collaboration at this early stage is critical for a transparent and successful search process that takes into account the bigger picture in your business.

Develop Candidate Specification

Following a comprehensive client and market analysis, Sky Executive creates a compelling candidate job profile. Thus, through a consultative process, our seasoned search team determines the industry experience and skills needed to fit the created profile, which leads to more effective targeting of prospective candidates. We build your company culture and goals into every aspect of the candidate profile and pipeline to ensure that the person we find it the right one, the first time.

Establish a Search Strategy

Our team is highly experienced and we draw on industry-leading best practices and innovations. We apply a set of unique methods and approaches and techniques that not only delve into the candidate’s personality and aptitude, but also their core beliefs, values, potential, and motivations. Our process involves comprehensive interviews that may – if requested – incorporate the client’s own specific questions and tests, so that when we discuss the job specifics and explore the applicant’s competencies, we not only uncover their talents but also make an educated and informed assessment of their potential fit with the company.

Identify Eligible Candidates

Upon shortlisting, we start the deeper assessment of the candidate through initial interviews, either over the phone, video conference, or in-person. Our goal is to determine the candidate’s fit for your company before moving onto more in-depth testing where we relay our findings back to your executive team for input. Our comprehensive reports ensure that your team understands the initial field of candidates and is able to further hone the search as appropriate.

Candidate Assessment

Upon narrowing the candidate matrix, we conduct extensive background and reference checks so that we can be 100% confident of presenting to you the most highly qualified, motivated, and interested candidates with the capacity to meet your organizational requirements. Sky Executive supports you in evaluating the very best talent on the list, and is able to assist in negotiating offers, accommodation, travel, and any other requirements concerning the role being advertised.

Announcement and Follow Up

Our work with you does not end when we have found you a suitable candidate. We are truly invested in the success of our clients, and that is reflected in our ongoing support services. Not only can we assist you with announcing your hire to the company and the public, but we are also able to ensure that the talent in that candidate is nurtured in the long-term. We collaborate with your executive team to onboard, coach, assess, and evaluate performance for as long as you need us, making our partnership a worthwhile investment for years to come.

A Process Designed for You

Avoid blueprint recruitment by engaging a team of experts who can customize every part of the search process to suit your business.

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