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Our team will work closely with yours to understand your unique position. Only once we fully comprehend your needs and objectives do we begin the executive search.

Locate impact-driven individuals with unique insights into the Asian market

Doing business in any market – old or new – carries its risks as well as its rewards. When leadership can make or break a company, the process of finding the right talent at the right time is critical. That process, however, can be time-consuming and complex, and it will often take your attention away from what is mission critical in your business.

At Sky Executive, we are positioned to support you in finding the executive talent that will arm your company with the confidence and competitive edge it needs to be successful. We work closely with every client to discern their key business goals and get a firm grasp on their critical operations. Whether you already do business in Asia or you are looking to enter the Asian markets for the first time, Sky Executive will find you the leadership to achieve growth and impact.

Our team will work closely with yours to understand your unique position. Only once we fully comprehend your needs and objectives do we begin the executive search. Our fully bespoke search process involves thorough candidate profiling, highly-specific identification criteria, and robust negotiations that ensure you get the best fit for your company first time around.

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  • Project Commencement: At this critical early stage, we define your search needs, desired outcomes, and establish the search team.
  • Strategic Planning: Here we learn about your company, define and refine your position, learn about your business culture, and collaborate with the executive team to align the search process with your goals.
  • Research and Targeting: This is where we start to dig deeper and target companies, sources, and prospects as we build a bespoke candidate pipeline.
  • First Round Interviews: By telephone, video conference, or in-person meeting, we begin to determine the best fit for your company.
  • Review and Reporting: With candidates interviewed, we develop a candidate pipeline matrix, discuss the candidates with your executive team, and deliver insightful candidate reports.
  • Narrowing the Matrix: Additional interviews and further input from the executive team allow us to review thoroughly the feedback and narrow our search.
  • Assessing the Final Candidates: Through extensive reference and background checks and a deep consideration of executive reports, we do our last vetting of the candidate.
  • Executive Selected: When we have the top talent for the position, we conduct our final consultations with the executive team, assist with role, salary, and benefit negotiation, and then prepare to announce the new hire.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our fees are goal-based and we guarantee final placement, meaning we always deliver when we say we will.
  • Ongoing Support: We follow up with the executive team to ensure satisfaction, as well as offering additional support through assessments, team development, and performance enhancement.

We designed our search process with your business goals and best interests in mind, and we offer a six month guarantee to ensure that the new hire fits your company profile and strategy perfectly.

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