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Sky Executive a attiré l'attention des médias internationaux sur l'actualité du recrutement et des ressources humaines en Asie.

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Sky Executive est une agence de recrutement leader sur le marché, composée de consultants experts très expérimentés. En proposant des services de recrutement, de ressources humaines et de portage salarial sur mesure aux entreprises qui souhaitent établir ou développer leur présence en Asie, nous modifions la manière dont les entreprises créent des équipes et créons un succès à long terme sur ce marché passionnant et en forte croissance.

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Dans les médias

Sky Executive, Asia’s leading recruitment agency, illuminates the complexity of hiring in Asia with new website

Attracted by the exciting high-growth potential of new and existing industries in the region, foregin investors are setting the wheels of expansion in motion only to find that establishing, managing, and developing talented teams is exceedingly difficult. Sky Executive was founded to serve these companies.

Sky Executive’s expert team has over 80 years’ combined experience in hiring and employment services, and is positioned to support clients in putting the right team in place to achieve the foreign company’s business goals.

Once the team is in place, Sky Executive manages payroll and other human resources concerns, as well as developing professional development programs to improve staff retention and enhance company’s reputation.

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Jobs in China: Interview of Nadia Ponomareva Managing Director of China Leading Recruitment Agency

Our recruitment consultants are dedicated to service clients from every country. We focus on various industries: Food & Beverage, Automotive, Engineering, IT Solutions, Supply Chain, etc.

Our company provides recruitment services with guidance regarding the entire employment process, including all the administrative on-boarding aspects, monthly payroll processing, and termination cases, as part of our “after-sales” on-going support to our clients.

Our consultants have vast knowledge of the Chinese labor law, with extensive experience to structure the mission & payroll for local Chinese and foreign candidates. We help companies entering China’s market to develop their business, so that they can focus on their business strategy with the guidance of our Chinese legal team.

Interview with Nadia Ponomareva, Managing Director of Sky Executive: China’s Leading Recruitment Agency

The average turnover rate for private companies in China is 19%. What is causing this, and what do businesses need to do to be prepared for this going forward?

The turnover rate is relatively high in China. There are so many opportunities in the market and people aim to climb the career ladder and move to higher positions simply by joining another company. It is just much faster that way. Very few people will stay at the same company for a long time waiting for promotion.

There are solutions to keep employees in the company, such as healthy company culture, employee friendly environment, keeping employees challenged and developed professionally, opportunities for promotion in-country and in other entities of the company around the world, etc. All these factors create a company where people just want to stay and develop their career internally. The Chinese market is very competitive, and you need to keep up with the changes.

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